Have you ever felt happier when stuck in a traffic block? We always love to move smoothly in the most perfect way. What has been happening around us for the past year? We learned to adapt to the pandemic ways of living. We began to use face masks, sanitisers and handwashes as inevitable things. Our social, economic and political life has transformed to a different level. It is significant to notice the changes that happened in our businesses. We witnessed a tragic shift from offline businesses to online businesses. The traditional strategies diminished and the pandemic marked a new epoch of technology-driven businesses.

Moreover, the outbreak of the pandemic heavily affected labour markets, enterprises comprising global supply chains etc. which directed to rampant business turmoils. Earlier, the number of businesses using online platforms for sale was less compared to those who started it during the pandemic time. For some businesses, this shift from offline to online helped to survive, for some others, it helped to grow into a wider audience. The consumers found the new mode easier, safer and beneficial. According to a study conducted by Unicommerce, e-commerce focused supply-chain SaaS platform, health and pharmaceutical products, electronics and appliances products had a massive skip during this period. Due to the unmanageable spread of the virus, most of the companies in India and the world adopted the Work From home aka WFH strategy. So, employees could sit in their homes and work without coming in contact with the carriers of the disease. This method increased the need for laptops, chargers, mobile appliances etc. thereby the need for these things also increased.

Most of the e-commerce platforms had advancement in their sales due to the pandemic. To target the audience, who are in their comfy spaces, these e-commerce platforms introduced strategies like big sales and offers. Along with the pre-existing e-commerce platforms, many fresh businesses took their first digital approach. In India, e-commerce dominates in five cities. States like Maharashtra and Karnataka, Delhi have more than 65% of consumers in e-commerce platforms. The 'revenge buying' strategy came to an end with the lockdown.

Revenge buying is or 'revenge spending' is the excessive spending in retail therapy by consumers who have missed shopping at their favourite shops because of lockdown, so that they have to depend upon online spaces for shopping.

Due to the enhancement in technology, lockdown doesn't seem so hard for living in the world. There are still many people who do not know how to run businesses online. An e-commerce website is a considerable way to run businesses amidst this crisis. We don't know when this crisis will end, so it's better to make it online to achieve growth in the commercial space. But, you have to be alert about the suitable platform to guide you into the highly competitive Google Search rankings and encourage safe and secure payment systems. It is important to ensure that all these are done by well-experienced professionals to prevent future troubles regarding it. Through trustworthy service providers, you have plenty of options. Approaching and implementing these new methods will help you to pay attention to your business without headaches.

Social media is an impressive way to persuade your target audience. People are spending more time on social media due to pandemic. So, promoting the businesses through social media platforms will enhance the reach of the products. Some social media influencers play substantial roles to promote products or services, this is a great strategy.

The pandemic has pushed companies to reanalyze how contact centres in the time of pandemic have influenced the customers, how employees convey appropriate customer experiences and the scope of using digital channels to boost business continuity through the pandemic and after it.

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus changed the face of the world in all aspects. It changed our experiences and life as employees, customers, students, humans and citizens etc. All these experiences are moulding different individuals with several attitudes and behaviours. The entire line of our life is hanging on this teeny tiny thing. With these developing behaviours and attitudes, businesses altered to a new level, the digital world. This quickness will drive the companies and businesses to visualize and comprehend new digital strategies to occupy territory in the modern pandemic period.


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